About Us

Al Sahab Services is a commercial establishment licensed by the Department of Economic Development in the United Arab Emirates. Our field of work is technical services in building materials & Constructions. 
We are also into commercial brokerage in all economic fields between the seller and the buyer for all goods and services except real estate and cars. We focus in our work on serving the business sector (B2B), but we also serve individuals who have large purchasing needs.
We seek, through providing our services, to reach the utmost satisfaction among those dealing with our company, and we strive to achieve the best results and profits for all parties participating in commercial contracts in sale and purchase.
We have strategic relationships with companies in all fields such as building and construction, industrial, agriculture, maintenance work, fast moving products, electronics, hosting services, etc.
We are pleased to provide you with your needs of resources and materials to support your business and achieve the best performance in the market, which also contributes to the continued provision of our distinguished services.
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