Website Design Terms & Conditions

By requesting website hosting package you agree on the below terms and conditions.

Introduction: below terms and conditions may get changed at any time without pre-informing customers, and they will be notified by email for any change.

Service Summary:

  1. The domain name will be registered on internet (.com or .net) as per customer request and it should comply with laws & rules. The domain should not be taken by someone else.
  2. The domain will be registered with a provider from our choice to get the best quality.
  3. The web hosting space will be as a shared space.
  4. The website will be designed on wordpress script which is compatible with different devices and browsers.
  5. The package includes designing of 5 pages in one language only (either English or Arabic) and if the customer need extra pages or languages then look at the add-ons table.
  6. We will provide 12 yearly free content updates on the website as per customer needs. Counting will start after publishing the website on internet after agreeing on final design.
  7. Un-used edits will not be transferred to the next year.
  8. The website will be indexed on search engines but that does not guarantee the appearance of website on the first pages. 
  9. Prices might get changed at anytime without pre-informing the customer.
  10. The service is not provided by Al Sahab Services directly. 

Website content:

  1. The customer should provide all the content that need to be shown on the website, including texts, photos, contact details. Al Sahab services does not hold any responsibilities on content. 
  2. The website will contain main pages like (Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us) up to 5 pages without any extra costs.
  3. The customer should provide a soft-copy of his logo to be used in the website.
  4. The content should comply with United Arab Emirates laws & rules.
  5. Designing and publishing will be done within 5 to 7 working days from the date of providing the content.
  6. The package does not include the updating content such as news, posts, online shopping, selling and online paying..etc.

Canceling and Refunding:

  1. The customer can request to cancel the website at any time.
  2. The paid amount will not be refunded if designing process has already started unless Al Sahab Services decides other than that depending on circumstances.
  3. Al Sahab Services has the right to take down any website that is not complying with rules and laws without informing the customer and without any refunds.